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Born on the 14th October 1985 in the City of Stoke on Trent, Sean Armstrong attended St Wilfred’s Primary School Tunstall in 1989 and St Margaret Ward Tunstall in 1997, in 2002 he attended Total People in Burslem there he studied First Aid, Food Safty, and Manual Handling in the hopes of working in Administration. He then left Total People in 2005 and became involved in the Princes Trust, he left after 12 weeks of volunteering because of his involvement with this organisation he gained a few qualifications in both teamwork and leadership.

In 2015 whilst looking for work Sean gained a qualification in Business Administration Level two in City and Guilds also he gained a Business enterprise qualification with the Princes Trust, Sean enjoys reading, watching live performances, food, and drink he lives in Chell Stoke on Trent with his mum Helen Woods, his stepfather Ian and their dog Skye.